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Sanitary Water Suprema

The Sanitary Water Suprema has an ideal content of active chlorine, has bactericidal action, bleach and eliminates odors.

In addition to its main function of bleach white clothes, it can also be used in general cleaning of the house and in the fight against dengue mosquito larvae.

Suprema was the best-selling sanitary water in Greater São Paulo for the past four years * due to its quality and maximum performance. * Source Super Varejo Magazine Edition August 2013

Available in the following versions:

1 Liter, 2 Liters and 3 Liters

Sanitary Water Suprema
Embalagem: 1 Liter

Product also used for cleaning of fruits and vegetables
against the dengue mosquito larvae and
cleaning of water tanks.
Read the label carefully before using the product.

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