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Disinfectant Suprema
Exploring the benefits of technology the Disinfectants Suprema have high power of disinfection ideal for cleaning toilets, floors, tiles and drains.

In addition to combat the micro-organisms (bacteria, germs and fungi) and clean, its perfumes are cooling and long lasting, keeping the environment with "clean smell".

Available in the following versions:

2 Liters

- Eucalyptus
- Wildflowers
- Bouquet Lavender
- Alpine Green

5 Liters

- Eucalyptus
- Bouquet Lavender

Disinfectant Suprema Eucalyptus
Packing 2 Liters

Purifies the envionment
Commonly used disinfectant. Cleans, disinfects, sanitizes.
Bactericidal action: Eliminates germs and bacteria.
Ecologically correct. Read the label carefully before using the product.

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